"I'm 74 years old and have arthritic knees which were painful, I saw an article on acupuncture so I decided to give it a go. Phil explained the course of action we needed to take. He is very caring and excellent at his practice and has a lovely way with people. I did weekly sessions which relieved the pain and now I go once every 6 weeks for maintenance to keep pain free. I highly recommend Phil". 
"After 2 failed IVF attempts and feeling at a low ebb a friend recommended Phil for acupuncture alongside fertility treatment. Phil was compassionate, he listened and was extremely knowledgeable about IVF. My little boy is now 18 months old, I cannot recommend Phil highly enough for treatment alongside IVF".
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"Phil's name came up a few times on a fertility forum. The reviews from some of his patients were excellent so I decided to look him up. I wasn't disappointed. Phil is genuine and really cares about you as a person and the treatment he's giving. This was my second attempt at IVF and I'm pleased to say I'm now 6 months pregnant. I've continued to see Phil through my pregnancy. I know the acupuncture played a big part in helping me conceive. If you are thinking of acupuncture alongside IVF Phil is your man!"

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Plantar Fasciitis
"I suffered with plantar fasciitis for a long time feeling like I had a permanent stone in my shoe and really struggling first thing in a morning. I decided to give acupuncture a go and went to see Phil, after only a few sessions I was feeling the relief. I continued my treatment and after only 4 sessions the pain went away. I am now fine. Phil was very knowledgeable and skilled, I cannot recommend him highly enough!".
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"After struggling for years with anxiety I decided to give acupuncture a try with Phil Montgomery. Phil was great, compassionate and easy  to talk to. He not only managed to calm me down but he gave me loads of little tips to help combat my anxiety. I did 10 sessions with him and he helped me get on top of things without having to take Prozac, which I'd been on before. If a get stressed and my anxiety flares up I'll book in for a session or 2 and I soon settle down. I highly recommend Phil he's really helped me . 
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