Do the needles hurt?
Acupuncture needles are extremely fine, when they are inserted they don’t usually hurt. While some people feel nothing at all; others experience a brief moment of discomfort. The needles are left in place for about twenty minutes. Most people find the experience extremely relaxing and uplifting and even fall asleep for the duration of the treatment.
Are the needles re-used?
No, the single-use sterile needles come in sealed packs and are opened in front of you and are safely disposed of after each treatment
Is acupuncture safe?
Acupuncture in general is a very safe form of therapy and has very few side effects or complications compared with conventional medical drug treatments.
Will I need to get completely undressed?
No. You will only need to expose certain parts of your body, typically your forearms and lower legs and your abdomen. If you need to remove any items of clothing for treatment your underwear will always stay on and you will be covered by towels so that only the part of the body to be worked on will be visible. It is best to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes when coming for treatment.
What happens in a treatment?
A number of different diagnostic methods will be used to get a complete picture of your health and lifestyle, including taking a full medical history, reading your pulses and looking at your tongue. Based on this information, a personal treatment plan will be compiled. Acupuncture needles will then be inserted at various selected acupuncture points based on the diagnosis.

Do I need to see a doctor before I have acupuncture treatment?
If you have a health problem we always recommend that you first seek help and advice from your GP. However, many patients have already had medical treatment and are coming for acupuncture as conventional medicine has been unable to resolve their problem satisfactorily. Your doctor’s diagnosis will be helpful, but I am more interested in how your disease process affects you in particular, so I can treat you as a whole person according to my acupuncture diagnosis, rather than treat the disease. The acupuncture may enable you to reduce or stop taking some forms of medication, but your doctor should always be consulted regarding any changes in medication you may be considering.
How much does acupuncture cost and how long does it take?
The cost for a treatment session at Selby Acupuncture is £ 45 for the initial session and £ 37 for the subsequent sessions and we can only accept cash or cheques. The first session will take about 1½ to 2 hours and subsequent sessions usually last 45 minutes to an hour.
Promotional offer - Not available
To introduce Adam to the practice we are currently running a promotional offer of £30 for the initial 1 ½ hrs session followed by a second appointment at the same price.
How many sessions will I need?
The number of sessions you require will depend on many factors including how healthy you are as a whole and how long you have had your health problem. Generally the longer you have had a problem the more sessions it will take to resolve it. A typical course of treatment would be six to eight weekly sessions and then an occasional top-up visit. You should expect to feel some relief from your problem within two to three sessions.
Will I need to do anything before/after treatment?
Not really, but please eat before the treatment and do not arrive very hungry. If it is your first visit, remember it may last about 1½ hours, and please be sure to bring a list of the medication you are taking, and remember to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Acupuncture affects different people in different ways. Some people get tired and very relaxed after acupuncture especially if they have not had it before.
What style of acupuncture do you practice?
I trained for three years at The Northern College of Acupuncture that teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a pragmatic and structured approach to treating illness. This is the most commonly practiced style of acupuncture in China and around the world. This acupuncture style is good for treating both chronic and acute conditions and focuses both on symptoms and on the root of the illness.Click here if you want to read more about TCM [About TCM]
Is my treatment confidential?
Absolutely. Your treatment will be completely confidential. Your employer, the police or your GP have no right to this information without a warrant. If you move elsewhere in the country and wish to visit another Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) practitioner, then your file can be transferred with your permission.